A better starting point

For over a decade, Allette Systems has been building the PageSeeder framework to help developers implement document processing systems. While single-user desktop applications still have a place, it is clear that the future is web-based, collaborative and mobile. Architecturally, PageSeeder is a complete rethink from the constraints of the desktop. It is capable of supporting different classes of complex documents, such as legislation, healthcare and education, with only minimal configuration. Most importantly, it is specifically designed with developers in mind.

Our experience is that when it comes to documents, most users are very particular about architecture, content structure and workflow. Rather than focus on the requirements of some users, we decided to focus on developers, so they could help all users.


Collaborative authoring built-in

All the collaboration features necessary for modern solutions – group-based roles, permission and sharing, threaded-discussions and task management, audit trails, superior link model, batch processing and much more.

Flexible and efficient

PageSeeder, combined with the PSML document format, supports emergent modelling of complex document structures. Rather than requiring analysis and design decisions to be made before any documents have been processed, PageSeeder makes it easy to start simple. This way, instead of guessing about requirements based on theoretical data, the system can be continually extended as a response to the requirements of real data.

Capable and accessible

Desktop applications for structured publishing typically require a lot of setup and training. Blog or wiki-based solutions are easier to use but limited by document size and structure. PageSeeder combine the richness of conventional XML and a browser interface into a compromise-free, mobile-friendly package. See this website and PDF for example output (for further information, see Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme case study).

Validation muscle

Consistent, high-quality data can make a profound difference to the success of a system. Recognizing the value to users of customized error messages and validation rules is why Schematron (home page, Wikipedia article) is accessible throughout PageSeeder. 

Secure and private

Architecturally, PageSeeder is an application with plenty of natural defence against anyone trying to gain unauthorised access to documents. In addition, Allette Systems will never read your documents in order to help us sell your data.

Customize without compromise

PageSeeder's companion web framework, berlioz, simplifies the creation of custom or task-specific interfaces. This allows users to become productive faster and with less training but also enables different views of the same data. Using Berlioz and the PageSeeder service API means that deployments can be distributed across services and replicated for testing, load-balancing, fail-over and more.


Getting started

PageSeeder is designed for documents, but as developers, we know that it is a broad problem domain. While we can't make the problems easy, we can provide lots of examples and a platform completely oriented to incremental development. Start simple, iterate daily, get in touch if you're stuck.

Production experience

PageSeeder has years of production experience on demanding projects. Allette Systems has decades of experience with publishing-related technology. Whether you need to generate paper or mobile-only, we can help.

Competitive pricing

Delivering document solutions is easier with the PageSeeder framework. Able to meet a spectrum of requirements from subscriber management to collaborative editing; developers get productivity, business gets simple licensing, customers gets value for money.

The future

Our release notes go way back and some of our servers have been in continual use since Netscape was a thing. While no one can say for certain what the future holds, be assured that we understand how important stable APIs and backwards compatibility are to developers.

Cloud friendly

PageSeeder has been running on Amazon AWS since 2007. Allette Systems has hosted web applications since the 1990s. Whether your cloud priorities are security, performance, stability or costs, we can help.

Can you help?

Allette Systems has been working with startups to build domain-specific vertical applications with PageSeeder. If you have an idea worth exploring, please get in touch.

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