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For over a decade, Allette Systems has been building the PageSeeder framework to help developers implement document processing systems. While single-user desktop applications still have a place in many workflows, the future is web-based, collaborative and mobile. Not only is PageSeeder a complete rethink for the production of complex documents such as legislation, healthcare and education, it is specifically designed with developers in mind.

It is our experience that delivering on the best interests of end-users starts with giving developers access to the best tools.

Powered by PageSeeder

Collaborative authoring built-in

The collaboration features you'll need - group based roles, membership, tasks, discussions, fully auditable history, two way cross-references and control of who can see which edits.

Flexible and efficient

PageSeeder combined with the PSML document format simplifies modelling of complex document structures, supporting evolution by making it easy to extend existing elements and add in new types.

Sophisticated, not hard

We've included what is needed for large structured documents - configurable hierarchies, content reuse, tagging, minor and major versioning and content analysis tools.

Validation muscle

With one of the most configurable and flexible validators, schematron, built-in applications can be set-up to help save users from bad data.

Big or small, alone or together

Deployments can be on a single server or across multiple servers. Installations can work independently or alongside each other. Start economically with plenty of room for growth.

Customise without compromise

The built-in berlioz web framework simplifies the development of custom interfaces. Allowing the power of PageSeeder to be focussed on supporting very specific document workflows. 

Add Allette Systems

Getting started

We can work with you to build-your-own or put it together for you and let you take over.

Decades of experience

The team have been developing complex systems for companies large and small for over twenty years.

Competitive pricing

Our experience and the productivity of the PageSeeder framework ensures we’ll always give a good price for getting the whole job done.

Keeps getting better

We continue to evolve PageSeeder and we'll make sure that your solution reaps the benefits of each upgrade.

Cloud friendly

Let us help you get the most out of your deployment in the cloud.

Idea meets possibility

We've worked with start-ups and some of the largest organisations, wherever your idea comes from we can help.

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